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    Apr 22, 2018
    Just wanted to post some pictures of my indoor ducks so others can see what it involves. I have bought all patio furniture for inside the house, do 2 to 4 loads of laundry every day, and mop at least once daily(wipe up messes in between as they happen). I never leave the house for more than 7 hours (3 days a week to work) and spend most of the day with my ducks. They are an obsession by necessity. The outside set up is in progress and will post that once it's done. They are primarily indoor ducks with the exception of me making them go outside and after 20 mins they wait by door to be let back in (even while I'm sitting outside with them). The shower stall is their pen indoors while I'm gone, they roam the house but prefer to lay on the dog/duck bed in the living area if I'm in that room, share water dish with the dogs and cat, but can get to the shower stall anytime. The dogs and cat are exceptional with the ducks, I got lucky. If anyone is going to have a problem it will be the ducks, they run the show. So if you want indoor ducks there is soooooo much effort needed to be put in. We paid $2.00 each for our ducks but have spent $2000 making them part of the house and spend as little time away as possible. Will post more pictures as progress occurs. 1524605966222.jpg 20180416_131220.jpg
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    Those are some lucky ducks!:love There is lots of good information on here that will help you out on your journey!!!
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