My ISA Brown chicks.


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7 Years
May 14, 2012
Bought a new camera a long time ago and never really used it until now, thought I would go out and take some nice pictures of them...

Freaking adorable. Also, can anyone tell me how much the bigger ones are? I asked for day olds from the haterchery, but they sent me half day olds and the other half a lot bigger then day olds, haha. :p

Here they are:

Yeah, yesterday all 25 of them were playing "Chase the chick with a peice of large shiving in his mouth.." haha.. was extremely funny to watch!

& when I took them out of the box 2 days ago, I was like huh.. those sure don't look like day olds too me!
I love watching chase a chick.. the worst game I ever saw got my attention and when I "chased the chick" to see what she had it was a mouses foot.. Never play that game again.. :)
Cute babies btw..
@FluffyChickenMama - haha omg! That would be just awful haha.

Yeah thats what I figured too, everyone. About a week old. :p They are freaking cute though, hard for me to go to work in the morning or even fall asleep.. just could sit in there all day!
Which hatchery? There is also a couple of really yellow/white chicks in the photos as well, unless that is just lighting?
A hatchery in Saskatoon, Canada called Anstey Hatchery. :p

Yeah, that is most likely the lighting. haha.
So cute! We have an ISA Brown, she is such a great layer. It's fun to see what she would have looked like as a chick. How many do you have? You will get TONS of eggs....

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