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  1. [​IMG]

    The top pics are pics of my birds, I made.

    Here is a white Russian bird: Russian Orloff that is.

    [​IMG]they did start off mostly yellow.

    but the mommy is all reddish brown and the daddy is half silver, half black mix.
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    Actually that's a Mottled Orloff. [​IMG] It has very heavy mottling though, but, the color is basically a deep red with black and white tips on each feather. A poorly colored one will have a lot of solid white feathers or generally a LOT of white though.

    What do you mean by black and silver?
  3. ah... I see... my rooster is Silver Wyandotte, but not a full bred. [​IMG]Silver and Black is daddy rooster. Momma is that red-tailed one. and the thing under the baby that is standing on momma's back.

    Does anyone think that my chicken babies are going to turn from White feathers to Silver like daddy? or stay white?
  4. the momma bird is pictured in a pic around the baby pics.. her tail shows.. that is her whole color...
  5. [​IMG]this is momma bird and her baby and there is daddy... where can I see that other people get babies that look like this..

    Isn't their a name for this baby type?
  6. pastorwalt

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    They are really cute. There are a few too many ingredients in their genetic soup to name their color.
    But silver columbian comes as close as anything. Silver coming from dad and columbian, restricting
    the amount of black on the body, coming from mom.
  7. thanks pastorwalt. thanks for both the comment and coming in this forum.

    and thanks for giving them a breed name...

    Well the RIR is supposedly the mom, but I think she's a Buckeye more. And the daddy is Silver Wyandotte mixed with Light Brahma, 50-50. So since many people have chickens that are like black/silver like the Silver Wyandotte/Barred Rock chickens and RIRs, wouldn't many people have babies like this or is this a rarity?

    Oh, and the daddy bird gave off a medium sized feather two months ago, I kept it in my house... and it had that same part of brown like the babies.. I call it an ugly brown. the shade is ugly. I love the color brown though.. dark or tan.. but their shade is neither dark or tan brown really... it's rusty dirt brown.
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  8. They got bigger. No color changes yet... I guess I shouldn't suspect them to.

  9. this is a better pic of mommy-bird


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