my jersey giant rooster is acting wierd when i put a henn in the his area

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    Apr 12, 2012
    i have this big caramel colored hen and she is about 3 years old not i dont know much about her i got her for free and i have 5 sex links and 2 caramel and 1 that is black green and little whit and red the sex links are 2 years old and the 1 is 12 and the other 2 caramel ones are 2 and 3 i put the 3 year old caramel one in the cage with the rooster and i wanted to breed them cause i know that sex links dont hatch egs very well most of them are not fertile so when i took out the 1 sex link from the cage with the rooster and put the caraml 3 yr old in their the rooster he grabbed her with his beak by her fethers on her back and i got him off of her and then i let him go again and he didi it again so then 1 ran her into the hen house and he followed then i ran him out side and locked the hen house door and he was trying to get inside but when he was inside he stood on her and when i went to go pick her up she just stayed their and let me pick her up with no struggleso i put her back with the rest of the other hens and every thing was fine what happened with the rooster is it natural for him to do this because he is my first rooster the sex link was in their early and he did not do this t her and she was 2 and the rooster is 1 yr old and im sorry if i put this in the wrong area im new to this site

    thank you
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    Welcome to BYC. The rooster was trying to mate with Carmel hen. This is normal behavior. Read up on chickens, learn as much as you can so you know how to keep them in the best condition.
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    X2 - He's behaving exactly like he's supposed to. Spend some time searching the forums and looking around the web and buff up on all of the chicken information out there. If you can't find an answer or get confused somewhere along the line, just ask. No such thing as a stupid question.

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