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    Mar 20, 2008
    I don't think I can see me being a newspaper anything when I grow up but I took a journalism class and here is some HW from it (I wrote this but I felt like quoting it so you know what is the HW and what is the rest of the post [​IMG]).
    A break in at 123 Fuzzville, Bear Country

    Chief Grizzlychops was the investigator of the crime and we interviewed him to learn what he knew of the crime. At 1:23 AM on Monday morning a break in at 123 Fuzzville, Bear Country occurred. Fred L., Ethel B., and Ernie P. Bear are the owners of the house. The prime suspect is Gold E. Locks.
    The mood is of bewilderment at 123 Fuzzville, Bear Country. The residentsÂ’ house has been broken in to. Chief Grizzlychops, the chief investigator of the crime, says that the prime suspect was Gold E. Locks and that she stole food and possibly damaged property. The Bears are filing a lawsuit against Gold E. Locks, but Gold denies that she did it.
    Chief Grizzlychops warns everyone to lock your doors when you leave your house so as no one may break in.

    (don't laugh this was the assignment [​IMG])​

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    Mar 1, 2007

    Great job Kurt, I loved it! [​IMG]
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    cute. [​IMG]
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    Oh how fun...can I join in? can i? can i?

    Soccer Mom Red Flagged for Disorderly Conduct

    At approximately 4:53 pm, during tues. nights game between the Huskies and the Indians a soccer mom was led off the field by officials. Mrs. Mary Robertson Stewart began the game with loud slurred taunts to the opposing team and then directed them to the home team once they began to suck. At one point Mrs. Robertson Stewart dumped the cooler of ice water over the coaches head and called him an unbecoming name. When approached she ditched the cooler, ran unto the field, stole the soccer ball from the opposing team and scored a goal. It was not counted. Several refs and father's were seen chasing Mrs. Robertson Stewart down. They were able to apprehend her but she wiggled away, ran into the school and hid. She was later found in the utility closet and questioned about her behavior. Her response was, she "drank too much expresso." The opposing team won by 2 points.


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    [​IMG] Yay!

    I recently wrote a press release/letter to the editor about a guy I'm campaigning for. =]
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    Jun 14, 2008
    N. IL.

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    that was great Kurt! yours too, g! [​IMG]

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    Mar 20, 2008
    Thanks everyone. It was much easier than I thought (I though I would have to spend all day on it [​IMG]) and it is due tomorrow.

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