My Jumbo Cornish X Rock layed an egg!!!


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8 Years
Oct 27, 2011
My chickens are just now getting to egg laying age and all of a sudden I found an egg on the ground that was a little lighter than my other hen's and it was more circular but I thought my trusty hen was just not feeling well because there was no egg in the egg box. But a few days later and today I found the same type of egg on the ground while the other chickens layed theirs in the box, so I came to the conclusion my meat hen layed eggs! Rather consistently also! I think I'm going to try to hatch them! I was just so excited I had to post this!
Congrats! That's a cool perk, there
Thanks I thought it was pretty cool too! My hen (We named her meaty) was about 7 and a half months old I think. I got her May 16th, She was the only one of that breed I ordered just to see if I could raise her to reproduction age... And it worked!!! Haha I would love to train her to lay in the nest box... but she can't get more than like an inch off the ground. There is an egg box on the ground for her but she doesn't use it.
My meat birds have gotten a repreive for months now. I am a terrible warden!!! And to my suprise they have started laying real nice eggs. I thought they were duck eggs because of the size, but not so. They are healthy, busy , And huge, with no problems what so ever. They have been running after field food for months, and I think that must be why they are so healthy, and fit. So anyone says that it can't be done, yes it can. As far as them producing more meat birds I do question that tho. I have 8 acres and they are all over the place. My meat chickens that I have been butchering are up to 15 lbs. now and it takes at least 3 gallon size freezer baggies to hold one bird. I have been smoking some, and brinning others, and it is turning out fabu.

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