My Keets are Here!


9 Years
Feb 28, 2010
N/E of Richmond, VA
My new week-old keets are here!


Ok, I know that adult guineas are loud and annoying. I'm willing to put up with that.

But I didn't know this little keet and one of her friends would sound exactly like my smoke alarms!!! Holy mackerel!!


The decibals these tiny little things can emit is beyond belief. How soon can I put them outside??
They have a heat lamp, the same food they had in their last home, and lots of fresh water. There's even a couple of things for them to climb on/play with, but the poor things have been hollering for several hours. I finally dug out the speakers for my MP3 player in the hopes the music might have a comforting effect. They're still crying, though much more quietly. I hope they settle down before I go to bed! LOL
Did you scatter some feed on the floor. Sometimes they just don't get that the stuff in that new dish is food. Same for water. They freak out for a while any time anything changes.

Maybe mine aren't quiet - maybe I'm deaf from hearing the adults lately.

Yes, I sprinkled some food around. They seem to have settled down with the music on. I hope they will stay quiet when I turn it off!

I'm used to peeping, we just got the chicks out of the brooder earlier this week. I just didn't expect the fire alarm sound! It's quite surprising and makes me want to desperately pull a battery out of something!
They are beautiful! Looking at them compared to my little 2-day old's just amazing the difference.

Maybe they are just adjusting to all the changes. I bet they'll settle down and rest soon.

What do you have them confined in?
They're in a big round bathtub with a mesh top.

My loud girl settled down just as I was heading to bed, but then she started back up sometime in the middle of the night. It was warm in the house, so I turned their light off and she settled back down, but of course she started back up at dawn. I thought she might have something wrong with her, so I went into the brooder to chase her down and pick her up to examine her. She looked fine and isn't showing any signs of blocked vent or illness. I guess she's just noisy. She stayed quiet for about thirty minutes after I put her back down and then started up again. LOL

I have observed them all eating and drinking and the other five don't do anything more than chatter. It's just that one very noisy little keet. She better be a really good tick eater!!

I do love how cute they are. They're almost like little chipmunks with feathers. So cute.
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