My lady's prolapse. Could it be caused by too much love?

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    Nov 3, 2011
    My lovely white Bantam (Lady White) started laying last week. The cutest little eggs I've ever seen. Anyway, she is an extremely placid girl and my toddler, who loves her, takes full advantage of this fact. This morning he walked into the loungeroom carrying our lovely Bantam looking very proud of himself. He only started picking her up a couple of days ago when he suddenly realised he could. When I carried her back outside and placed her on the grass I noticed that her rear was covered in poo which I hadn't seen before. I picked her back up and turned her upside down to have a good look and saw that she has a small but definite prolapse. I put her back down and went in the house to get some gloves and set up for a cleanup and bath. By the time I got her inside and looked again, the prolapse had gone back in! I proceeded to clip off all the dirty feathers and clean her up then placed her back outside. So my first question is....could the prolapse have been caused by my son squeezing her too hard? Is it usual for a prolapse to go back in by itself or am I just extremely lucky? I will continue to monitor her and call the Vet if needed but your thoughts and advice would be gratefuly accepted, cheers.
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    We think our Rosecomb was squeezed by a loving child visitor, causing her immediate prolapse. Her position may have caused it, we discovered the child was holding her like a babydoll and squeezing her. Now we are very careful to supervise!

    The vet gave us good instructions over the phone, and I bathed Rosie's prolapsed vent, used gel lubricant (I had a small eye lubricant tube which had never been opened) and gently wiggled the prolapsed vent back into place. It is something like turning a sock right side out again.

    Next evening, DH called me at work at 10pm, "you better get supplies, the kids are crying they're afraid Rosie's inside out again", so after work, around midnight, I stopped at an all nite drugstore. I had been working over 12 hours and my eyes were weary. I could not find the lubricant, but I found lots of "excitement" gels, glitter lubes, colored, heated, flavored sex lubes. So I asked the all nite pharmacist for help, telling him I would not want anything irritating or flavored or colored on my little chicken's prolapsed vent. He led me back to the personals aisle, where giant KY jelly boxes stood lined up, at knee height (where any old lady might easily find it) . For 1.99 I brought home a giant generic KY jelly package for Rosie, and Preparation H per the vet's instructions.

    The next morning, our Mexican friend came over, saying our boys were crying about Rosie, hoping she wouldn't die (he works at their school across the street). He said his mother always kept chickens, could he take a look at her? As he picked her up and took a look, I told him about my trip to the all nite pharmacy to get supplies. Rosie looked fine, and went zipping across the yard to boss her little flock around.

    "My friend," he said, slowly rubbing my weary back, "your good friend, the all nite pharmacist? He never believed your story about the chicken. You know that, right?"

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