my lame lady


Sep 21, 2020
Bergen County New Jersey
Hi All - my girl Nellie - I am pretty sure - is permanently lame. Not sure what happened. She injured herself and the vet ruled out any diseases, they said it is a soft tissue injury - but to be safe they had her on antibiotics for 10 days and still on antinflammatory. As long as she is on the antiinflamatory she has a very minor limp but as soon as it wears off she cant really bear weight. I am continuing with her in my garage til the course of antiinflammatory is done. She eats well but at SOME point, I am going to have to put her back with the flock - she can't live forever in my garage! Here is my question - if she has a permanent injury (I am not one to put a chicken down - especially her) how will she deal with nighttime. Right now if I build a really low perch for her or if she just lays in the hay, then that would be okay but when winter comes and it gets in to the single digits, how would she keep warm? Has anyone had experience with a hen that cant jump up and down from perch?

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