My last egg is unzipping!


Mar 4, 2018
Northampton, UK
I'm not quite sure how I even ended up hatching in the first place! I bought some brooding equipment for some chicks I had booked and there was an incubator in it, so I thought why not!

I found some eggs from a friend of a friend. Naked necks x silkies, well apparently, more about that in a sec! I fired up the incubator, one of those cheap chinese ones you arent supposed to use, and put 14 eggs in. They were already 2 weeks old as snow storms stopped me picking them up, and it was early in the season so I wasnt expecting much.

Candled at day 5 and saw the veins and nearly passed out! I immediately took it more seriously and rushed out for more thermometers and a hydrometer. That dodgy old Janoel incy never deviated temperature once! It held the humidty at a stready 25% the whole way as well.

Day 14 found 4 eggs not fertlisied but the rest looking good. 10 went into lockdown. They only all went and hatched! Egg 10 is unzipping as a type and I can hear him pecking away. They even had the decency to hatch almost bang on time as well. Apart from egg 10. Hes about 12 hours behind the rest, but hes on his way!

Proper pictures to follow tomorrow in day light, but here is one of the little peepers from earlier!


And a blurry group shot of the first lot out:


Theres a mix of black and white, dark brown and white, yellow and yellow and brown. Not a naked neck to be seen :( Some do have feathered legs but no black skin or extra toes. I didnt buy them as "pedigrees" They were just from nice natured parents which are someones pets. Still a bit sad at no naked necks though! Not sure theres a whole lot of silkie in their either. It does make it more exciting waiting to see how they grow though!
We are into spring now, lots of rain but at least its warmed up a bit!
I've got 10 healthy, happy chicks in the brooder. Really, really pleased with how it went, although a little stunned to have 10 of the little cheepers!

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