My last hope for celadon eggs


Nov 28, 2020
Honolulu, HI
I think it's a she. I HOPE it's a she. However, "she" has not laid any eggs and is 13 weeks old. The quail get supplemental light and all of the other hens are laying. This one is my last hope for a female celadon. The other two I purchased at the same time started crowing two weeks ago, so . . .

It has not crowed. It does not foam. It has not tried to mount anything, nor feed worms to others. In fact, it eats the worms voraciously, just like a hen. It seems like a hen in many ways.

However, my horny roo has no interest in "her." He won't fight her, he just ignores her. Right now, I've separated the two of them in an enclosure hoping for them to make a connection. They had been together with a hen my horny roo can't get enough of, and no fighting ensued.

Help? Has anyone else experienced this? I'd vent sex if I had any past success doing so, but so far I've only been able to identify females that were already egg laying. Everything else looks the same to me.


Feb 1, 2020
Looks like a hen to me. My Falb Fee hen is very similar although I’m not entirely sure yours is a pure Fee. A male would have a bit darker face and if yours isn’t pure Fee I would imagine it’d have some red brown feathers on the face and throat. She just might be slow to lay. One of my Roux hens is such a sensitive bird that when she went into the outside pen at 4wks she didn’t lay for about 2 months, and that was in summer when everyone else was laying. Maybe this one will start up when the season changes.

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