My last year Mallard brings me her baby ducks


7 Years
Apr 27, 2012
I have two adults ducks and have hatched about 15. Have 6 three week olds and 3 2/3 week olds- of my own. I also have the 3 mallards I got in early March frm the feed store that I have released and they are still hanging around on their own. They even got their way back into the cage with my 3 weeks old today and would not leave. They are very funny I also have about 50 wilds that come to our bird feeders for daily food. I am prepared to house any of them for the night/winter in the barn if they prefer to stay but most seem to fly off. Every year (for the last 4) we get 3 Mallards at the local feed store in the spring to release on our lake. A old Mallard (I think) kept following me around with her mate and leaving her babies down by the pond - she started with 6 and the next day she had 3 and the next day I seen her she had 2. The babies would come here and there but would not stay and hurry back down to the water. I worried b/c the turttles/hulk/herron's eat most baby ducks left alone here. I kept shewing her down to her babies but then she would fly away after about five mins with them and be gone for hours. I seen her do this for three days. Those ducklings would peep for her all day long. The other day she follows me all the way into the barn with the babies and gets all the way to the middle and turns and flys out. The babies just left with me. What? I waited for an hour for her to come back - the ducklings seemed used to her leaving them but did not like me - they ran to a corner and would not move. They are about 1 week I assume. I got them, gave them some feed and water and put them up for the night at 9:30 in a cage & checking the lake for her return till about midnight. The next morning I come out and there she is. Wanting food. I gave her some food and went to grab the cage w/her babies - I brougt the cage out sat it down started to open it - and she looked at the babies (they started peeping at her) and she flew off. Did not come back for the rest of the day and she is always here every day. She did not return at all today either. Why would she leave them. I seen her getting chased my many other males to mate even with her babies. Could she still have eggs someplace? Do they still mate right after babies hatch? The babies are fine and not peeping for her at all - the only time they peep now is when I take the our other babies away that are in a different cage. I felt like she was tring to tell me something by what she kept doing but just wondering if anyone else has heard of this. Very strange but I hardly ever see ducklings make it at are large but with me they will become adults - did she know this? Is she sick? I think ducks are really smart now - can't wait to see if she will return - just hope she not bringing me more:)
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