My leghorn died mysteriously?

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    Jan 2, 2012
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    My leghorn hen (Daisy) died sometime early this morning (after laying her egg). It was cold last night for Tucson, and was raining this AM. She was eating and acting normal yesterday. She has always been the smallest hen (out of a Barred Rock, Dominique, 2 EE's, and a Buff Orphington) but has never acted sick, lethargic, or been off her feed. She is having a very mild molt, but has been laying eggs regularly (but less frequently) and has never had a problem laying. The egg she layed is not unusually large for her but, disturbingly, her vent looks torn-like it was significantly overstretched! There was a very small amount of blood around it but none on the ground or anywhere in the nest box. There is not a mark on her body and the chicken pen is totally predator proof. The other hens had not bothered her body and she didn't look 'pecked'.
    I have never de-wormed my hens, and I am just guessing, but is it possible that her vent tore when she layed the egg and she bled internally? It looks like she may have flown out of the nest box and dropped dead where she landed. I couldn't bring myself to do a necropsy--I need to cowgirl up!
    I have NO idea why she might have torn. No prolapse visible. I have never de-wormed my chickens-they're all about a year old. If she has worms could that have weakened her and caused her to tear more easily?
    I'm very sad she died, she was the friendiest and most sociable hen in the flock (and also the Boss) now I fear the witchy Barred Rock will take over!!
    Anyone have any ideas?
    I am befuddled as to 1. Why she tore laying an average sized egg for her and 2. why that might have killed her so rapidly?
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    I know that chickens have a small amount of blood in their bodies, and a tear could have made her bleed internally.Sorry for your loss.. i hope you get some better answers soon. xx
  3. unicornia

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    Apr 14, 2012
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    I am sorry for your loss, I have no ideas why she could have died, internal bleeding sounds like a good guess. I am sorry for you, as I just lost my favorite hen 2 days ago to ascites, possibly EYP, although I don't really know what killed her. I, too, cannot do a necropsy. I wish I could.... I don't even know how to cut her open? with what? A knife? Is there a post on how to do a necropsy?

    Take care, I am sorry,

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