My Lil flock of Mutt Pheasants... lol

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  1. PeepsCA

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    Only had 12 hatch out of 24 eggs, and one chick died in the brooder on day 2 [​IMG] One's an MM and one is a lot darker than the rest... so that's why I call them my lil Mutt Pheasants, lol.

    The low hatch rate success is ok tho, 11 is more than PLENTY, lol. And man, they sure are messy lil buggers!!! I thought Guinea keets were bad, but these guys are way worse! Cute tho, and they aren't as skittish as keets. The MM is actually pretty tame and eats egg yolk from my hand [​IMG]

    I took this a few days ago:


    Current pic, taken today:


    Time for a bigger brooder!!!
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    Mine are due to hatch on June 24th. This will be my first Pheasant hatch.

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