My Little Broody Duck!! (pics soon)


Jun 15, 2009
I rescued a f/w indian runner drake and two buff girls recently
. I learned that both of the buff girls had brooded on and hatched many ducklings in the past, one of the buffs very recently. I was hoping to hatch a few ducklings from one of them but my mom wasn't going along with my plan.

One morning, I went out the the "chucks" (chickens and ducks lol) to collect eggs. I went over to the duck coop and saw Wilma, one of the buffs, sitting on her egg she had just recently layed. I reached in to grab the egg and was startled when Wilma bit me over and over again, hissing. I quickly retreated from the coop, realizing that she must have gone broody

I had to tell my mom and also pointed out that it was only ONE egg! It would be sad to take it away from her
. I finally made a deal with my mom that i would somehow mark this egg with a sharpie of some sort, so if she laid more eggs, we would take all other besides this one. If that makes sense? I candled the egg on day 6 and say the dark shadow of the embryo and veins! How exciting!
So, in other words, we will soon have a little duckling!!

The little egg is on day 9 of incubation. I am hoping for a hen but would still be happy with a drake. He/she will be a buff/ runner mix

I will try to post pics of little Wilma on her egg soon
And definetly post some pics of the little duckling when it hatches
I am just hoping everything goes well and we are expecting the hatch date to be around July 4th or 5th

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