my little brother got a dog

Have you tried a Google search on that breed, or maybe "grooming" on that breed? My dogs are lucky to get a bath every month! Just kidding. They are indoor dogs with short coats!
That kind of dog probably has a wire coat, yeah? In which case he/she will need to be groomed by a professional groomer every month or two to be stripped...don't shave the pup down! It will remove the protective nature of the coat. Stripping is a hand grooming process in which the dead guard hairs are removed--it doesn't hurt the dog if done properly. In between, regular brushing is fine, with a typical brush from a pet store (but double check that with your groomer!). That type of dog doesn't usually need too much in between grooming sessions, though.
I would just use a good dog brush. Get one that has a soft brush on one side and the metal bristles on the other. Be careful when using the metal side. Keep him trimmed and clean and brush him regularly.
If it's a puppy, the wirey hair isn't in yet. Good advice that will help him out at a later age, get it used to messing with it's feet, ears, mouth and tail. It makes grooming easier when it's a adult.
I am going going to be doing the grooming for him yes the dog has a very wirey coat so I am going to have him buy a stripping comb and all that and do it thanks so much for your help
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Your going to need a slicker, comb, and a stripping knife. If you have never use a stripping knife before, you can accidentally hurt the dog. Try to see if you can find someone in your area to teach you how to use it. Make sure you always always always strip in the direction the coat lays. Or just buy a pair of thinners/shears and just trim the tips of the hair. You don't have to strip if you don't want to. But its best for his/her wiry coat. has the best prices on grooming supplies
. If you have any other questions, feel free to pm me.

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