My little chabo pullet is choking - Help! 😭


Dec 2, 2020
Hello, everyone! Her name is Anivia and she is my only pullet as Azir is my only cockerel. They're both chabo bantans that I rose since babies (they're almost 3 months old now).

Anivia constantly chokes whenever she eats a lot as you can see in the video. What should I do? Is this a disease? She looks ok and do everything normal, but she chokes very easy. Azir doesn't have this problem and they constantly drink water.

First off, Adorbs. Same with the roo next to it.
Second. It’s just adjusting it’s overfilled crop. Limit feed.
I have no idea what could be causing this, but I'll tag two people who might. @Weeg @Eggcessive sending hugs !
Thanks for the tag! I agree with everyone else, looks like she is just adjusting! Glad it sin't anything really serious! A warm Welcome to BYC as well! SO happy to have you here and on the community! :welcome

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