My little chick drowned


In the Brooder
Dec 2, 2020
Hi if you're sensetive dont look at the picture.. She was playing with her brothers and jumped over a little wall, then fell in a pond(where rain water is) and that water was icy, yesterday my mother and my sister tried to revive her but they gave up after 10 minutes. And they put the chick outdoors in a closed box. Right now theres no one at home and I wanted to revive her but her body was so stiff, I don't even know it will work.. Can I still try to revive her? I don't think she died yet
It is likely she go hypothermia in the lake or water she fell in. She may not have drowned but was too cold to move. She didn't get warm enough in time for her to be saved. You need to be careful with these things so your chickens don't get wet. Even if the water isn't icy, they can get hypothermia and die just from being wet. I am so sorry of you loss! Make sure no there chicks can get to the pool she got to. These things happen and you did you best! She has passed, sorry for your loss. :hugs

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