My little chick is sick and I don't know why!

New chick momma

May 17, 2015
My fiance and I just got our first 10 chicks a couple days ago, all are doing well except for one. This little one seems to be very sleepy and doesn't walk much. When it does walk it seems to be crouched down and not very steady. It's little behind seems to be covered in poop (pasty butt?). Would pasty butt explain the other symptoms? I'm not sure how to help my little one, any ideas?


In the Brooder
May 13, 2015
We just lost one from that. It was my 5 year olds favorite.. Only 3/4 weeks old. She was fine... Then all of a sudden got weak and started falling over, just standing chirping, couldn't walk steady.
The poop was very hard and enormous. We soaked her for days and days, no sooner did we get her unblocked, she would get blocked again... I tried giving laxative (molasses and Epsom salts) but her butt was so swollen, nothing could be done at home.
I hope your peep recovers. Our loss was devastating... My kids love their chickens more than anything.

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