My little escape artist! Chick Norris

Cayuga momma

♡Ducks♡, enough said.
Mar 13, 2018
Western NY
So my 1 week old leghorn hen named Chick Norris is not happy about being in her brooder. Today I had just put them back in their brooder after play time and I hadn't put the hardware cloth on the top yet, and suddenly I hear Chick Norris chirping so loud. I came running to see what was going on and she is sitting on the top
edge of her brooder (Just a large box) basically yelling for me. I couldn't believe it! The box height is 16".
Now it's bed time and she keeps banging her beak on the box, chirping, and jumping up bouncing off the lid!
I'm not quite sure what to do here.
I get it she wants to be with me, but I would like to sleep, lol.
Any suggestions?

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