my little girls got a prolapse ,,please HELP

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    can anybody help me , my chickens bum has swelled up and looks like her insides are coming out , looking at pictures it looks like prolapse ..i have been bathing her in warm water with a little salt ,cleaning her feathers of and pushing the prolapse back in, then smearing arnica gel over ...i have done this for 2 days , today i washed her the same and put honey over... she looks happier , but her insides are still coming out .. can i do anything else, as i dont really want to cull her ...and how long shall i continue this treatment until its the end for her... many thanks in advance for any advice (( i started with 3 chickens , the broody one ran off to lay an egg and didnt come back , so this is my last 2, .. if i do have to cull her should i take her out in the evening when asleep and re-introduce a couple more at the same so my last one isnt alone )).. thanks john
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    I have no idea, I'm so sorry. Here's a little bump.
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    When my hen prolapsed my vet had me soaking her bum in warm water with epson salts and sugar in it several times a day. Then used KY Jelly to gently push her insides back in, several times a day. She also made a sugar water solution which i kept in the fridge and streamed it over her vent area (several times a day). You could really see the vent contract when i used that. i'm thinking that helped the most.

    Kept her in a covered hutch inside, so it would be dark and she wouldn't lay till she healed. That all seemed to do the trick, and it took about a week. If it had not worked, my vet said she could put a stitch up inside to hold it in until it healed.

    Good luck with your hen.

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