My little itty bitty Iowa Blue chick...minor concerns...


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Feb 25, 2011
Sooooooo......I have a total of 19 little happy chicks in the brooder at the moment that are all between a week and two weeks old. 12 came from Ideal, 3 from a small little specialty feed store in the city and the last 4 from another little feed store.

In the original order from Ideal, I received a cute little Iowa Blue chick. She (?) is smaller then the rest. When the chicks arrived, I was concerned about her because of something she's got going on under her vent. I want to say that her umbilical didn't heal properly because there is a tiny hardened 'spike' coming from her body. She's also one of the ones that I treated for pasty butt. I would be -much- more worried if she wasn't eating, drinking or isolating herself but she's not. I've tried to soak her butt in warm water but she is a feisty little thing and I don't want to hurt her while she's flailing around in my hand.

A few of the others had the thin black 'thread' that remained attached for a few days and then vanished...this seems different but I guess I'm a little hesitant to push the issue with her. Part of me is "just wait and see"...and part of me is " need to find out what it is".

Anyone have any ideas about my little weirdo? I've named her "Curry" because she's so feisty!
Can you post a photo of what's going on with Curry's vent? That way it'll be a little easier for us to see if it's just tenderness from pasty butt, if it's yolk sac that is still attached, or if she's prolapsing.

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