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    Aug 24, 2012


    These are my darlings. 3 australorps, 2 sex links of unknown type and 1 wyandotte also unknown type. They are outside in the playpen and doing fine. 5 week old tomorrow. Coop not quite finished yet due to my being sick, but birds are happy and trying to fly out of the playpen. My yard has a six foot fence so I am hoping they will stay in once I let them out the pen to free range. Yeah the pics suck taken with my blackberry and my girls are a bit camera shy. I lifted the netting to get the pics and they all dashed to the other end of the pen. They have all been healthy and active. I purchased at the feed store as they get theirs from the hatchery I was going to order from anyway. Now my hubbie wants some white birds to go with the black ones.
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    Sep 10, 2012
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    They are so cute looking. I'm trying to picture what my little day-old Australorps will look like in 5 weeks. I just brought them home from the hatchery. Good luck on your free ranging whenever you're ready.
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    please post some close ups when have have got time and managed to persuade the ladies of leisure to pose.
    woud love to have some laced wyandottes-very rare here.
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    Lovely birds!!!

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