My little roo is starting to crow

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    Oct 20, 2011
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    Ok...I knew it was going to happen sometime:(

    Here is my problem...we live in town and I am not sure that roosters (or hens for that matter) are allowed and I am unsure how to figure that out without alerting someone to the fact we have chickens (10 in total). Perhaps this is something I should have checked out, but we had them when I was little and it was a non issue. We live in the same neighbourhood so I guess I thought it would all work out.

    He is still a teenager (hasn't fully found his voice) and I was hoping that his clutch mates would mature faster than he would so that I could get some fertilized eggs before I had to ship him off to a farm down the road. My question is this: how long before he is a fully functional male and can I put him in with the other chickens or does he need to stay with his clutch-mates for mating purposes.

    We have 3 EE pullets + the roo. In a separate pen is our oldest hen (Easter...also an EE) and she lays 1 egg every couple of days. In the next pen is Elvis (bantam blue cochin) who is laying 1 egg everyday and Ruby (production red) who laid an egg 2 weeks ago and hasn't laid her second egg yet, although she has been singing for the last week. In the last pen are our newest additions Ruby#2 (production red), Fluff (white mutt) and our black-sex link. Only Fluff is not laying daily but these ladies have not finished their 30 day quarrantine.

    Everyone is in separate living quarters because they have moved from their summer homes to the winter barn loft.

    Thoughts as to what do to with the roo??? Thanks for any help.

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    They all mature and start their roosterly duties when they are ready. They usually seem to crow first thogh [​IMG] so they become a bother before they become useful. If you think you may be at risk for "being found out" because of your boy, you may want to think about shipping him off sooner than later. Depends on what is important to you. You can be sure he is performing by checking for fertile eggs and spending some time watching for the classic dance and ambush he will perform for your gals. Many laws and ordinances may have changed since you were young, so I would be careful about that assumption. Good luck!

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