my Little Silkie is growing up so that crowing I hear???


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
Central Maine is
He was just a little guy last week..what happened?? My little Partidge Silkie Sammie was caught crowing this morning...not saying that is a bad thing...for a little guy that almost died on me a few months back after getting cocci..he is doing great..but he has always been my little he is growing up and crowing! I want him to stay my little buddy..the same size he is now and no aggressive behavior that the teenager hormones may cause...oh well..I knew this day would come but can't I stop it? My BO rooster used to be my little buddy..was so sweet and now..he has his ladies..he has become..well a rooster!! Ok...I am glad he is growing least he is alaive to be crowing right? Oh and BTW..I love the little crow that he does....

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