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Mar 10, 2008
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Got a call the other day from a friend. She wanted to buy these two llama males, but the guy that owned them was afraid of them and was going to take them to auction if she didn't get them that day. Well she talked the guy into delivering them since he would have to haul them to auction anyway, but she would be at work. Well guess who got the job of getting out the llamas - me. She told me the guy was terrified of them, and I have experience handling llama and even the not so friendly llamas. Well the guy gets there with his son. They can't back up to the pasture gate because there is a big boat in the way, so they get as close as possible. The guy lets me know he is afraid of them. One has a halter, one does not... good thing I brought one and a lead. So I go to open the trailer gate...." you're going in there with him?" asks they guy. I say yes, I have to get a halter on him, LOL. I ask if he has ever tried to bite them or strike them.. he says no, but he has those big fighting teeth.. LOL. He was referring to their grazing teeth that stick out front, and I nicely explained that to him. Picture this.... 2 grown adult men watching a 5ft 1 girl climb into a trailer with two llamas they are terrified of, LOL. I pinned the one male with my body to the side of the trailer and with my one arm slipped it behind his neck, all the while the men are saying" I can't believe you are doing that" I can't believe you are in there with them" like they are lions or something.... He hops around a bit because he is afraid, but I manage to get the halter and lead on him. I say open the trailer so I can get him out. They both look at me like I'm crazy... They open the door and I pull him out and them move to the side and back so I can drive him forward and towards the pasture. He does some rabbit hops and I jerk/steer him in the direction I need him to go... all the while the guys are dumb founded. He gets in the pasture and I take off my halter. "Aren't you going to leave it on him" they ask... heck no I say.. this is My halter..
Ok.. now to the second llama. they were more afraid of him, but he has a halter and is fat as a butter ball. He said he fed them a pound of grain a day. "I think he's just hair" the guy says.... no I say, I think he's just fat. LOL. I get a hold of him and pull fattie out of the trailer, all the while the guys are commenting how they can't believe it. He does the same hop and jumps into the pasture, I wait for him to calm down and them turn him loose. Later that day my friend talks with the guys. They said I was their Hero, they were so afraid of them and I just pulled them around like they were puppies. I'm sure I gave them a fun story to talk about...
I have Alpacas and they do dance and jump, we have one that jumps straight up into the air and drags my 9 year old around like a rag doll, but we get the job done!!! Funny story!!! I am glad you were able to help, because people who are afraid or don't know what they are doing will usually end up hurt or hurting the animal.
That is a good thing that they have settled in without too much stress on them...never a dull moment in the wonderful world of animals...I still love your emu the best chickzoo...that is an awsome bird...wish I could have more geese but after all the setting and hatching around here, I am over loaded with birds right now and have ducklings out my ears...I have 37 or so under a week old...if you know anyone who needs ducklings....
Reminds me of the story my friend told me, about two 20-something guys, a 32" mini mule, and her in her Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes!

Or the time that I wandered into a pet shop, and found an employee and a prospective customer totally stymied by an escaping 3 foot long boa. They were both afraid to touch it, so how were they going to put it back? I helped them both out of their dilemma, but can't for the life of me understand why they opened its cage in the first place!
okay...I will share...I came upon three adult male human cowboys attempting to load a stallion into a horse trailer...he would not go in for love nor oats...they threaded the rope through the front of the trailer, got behind his butt and proceeded to pull/tug/push and swear a was not moving and decided to up the anti by throwing himself on the ground flat out...he lay there like he was dead and would not get up for love nor oats...the guys were stymied...spittin' tobacco juice, mumbling, hitting the horse with the ends of lead shut his eyes and laid there like he was dead...I asked the cowboys if they wanted to put the horse in the trailer...the looks I got should have turned me into a crispy critter...they said some things that were not very nice...the essence was yes, they wanted the "dead" horse in the trailer...I told them to get out of the way and I would get him in the trailer...they rolled their eyes and said some things, but they moved...I had steel toed cowboy boots on and I walked around behiind the dead horse, picked up his tail and planted a boot toe in the jewels...his eyes popped open, he lept to his feet and jumped into that trailer so fast he almost landed in the feed box at the front...the cowboys were cross legged and I would have given a million for the looks on their faces...told 'em to call me if they ever had a problem loading him again, but I don't think they did...never did hear from them...
I sold a mean ole mini donkey a few years back, & it took 3 grown men & my DW to load him. After about 10 minutes of tugging & pushing, I finally got a front foot raised high enough to put it on the trailer, then we had him. This donk threw goats over his head, stomped chickens, cornered a billygoat in the barn, & broke his leg, ribs, & broke 1 horn off. He loved to be scratched & petted by DW & I, but he did run a 6' 4" 360 lb. man out of the barnlot. Mini Donk with an ATTITUDE!

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