My "loft" idea for heavy/non-flying fancies


10 Years
May 1, 2009
Ks (Manhattan area)
So I'm going to try to get some brunner pouters, runts, hungarian house, and parlor tumblers or roller culls (a pair of each). My idea is more breeder pens than any thing. I want to make each unit 4'6" long 2' tall and 2' wide (2 units wide, 2 high) they will be totally ply wood except for the floors of the bottom 2 units and a 30"x2' section of the front which will be a wire door. I was thinking I should put the hungarians and runts on the ground, being heavy breeds. Is this enough space for 2 of each of those breeds or should I add a small run to the front for exercise? Will these breeds mesh well in a community run? I might also add I have found hungarians and brunners already for the right price. I also found runts but they are way out of my price range (and aren't colors that appealed to me anyway) and can't locate parlors let alone tumblers for squat, so I may swap my breeds around a little or just get the pouters and huns.


10 Years
Apr 15, 2011
Can't help you out other than to say that we made a lot of use of ramps at the aviary for injured birds who can't fly. You can maybe use ramps and platforms within your design if it'd help you out at all with different levels/heights/breeds that like being at different heights/etc. Sounds like a big project. Be sure to post photos when you are done, eh? :D

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