My lovely South Texan pullets!


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Apr 30, 2013
Hi everybody ! I finally reach this topic and see if I was correct about my hens, pullets they are all girls !
So lets see what answers I can get about my flock . :)

This is Angela she is a pullet or hen or what ? SHe is the most beautiful one of the flock unfortunately she may have a case of Canker or chicken herpes whatever I still love her and am not going to give up on her but Id like to know what breed is she and what color eggs will I expect from her , that is if I can EAT HER EGGS and not get canker from them too LOL.

Angela is in the middle and the black one is Big Mike , my sister came up with the name thinking she was a boy but not too sure .
This chick loves to growl when you pick her up she sounds cute and is the easiest to catch when chasing them .

The last on the right full skinny white chick is Lulu and there is not much to say about her only that we think she is still young and fights alot with Angela.
SO I wonder what gender they all are and I am adding more pics and some from a few months ago .


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Apr 22, 2012
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My Coop
They're definitely all girls
I've got no idea on breeds, though. Very pretty.

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