My male and female pigeon are taking care of four eggs? Please help

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    Hi, I have two pairs of pigeons 1 pair has laid eggs before and has had no problem hatching them, the other newer pair had the eggs and did not sit on them, so what i did is put them under my good pair.

    My good pair laid two eggs yesterday and i also put these other 2 eggs under her today. Now my good pair has four under them and the male and female have been taking turns sitting on them, the eggs fit under them good and they are doing well, will these eggs be ok when they hatch???, I would give the adults alot of food, the parents seem quite happy,

    they all seem to be happy, can you tell me if the eggs should be ok, and will there be anythings i should do, to insure optimum conditions????
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    New Brunswick,Canada
    I did something similar with my birds.
    You are messing with nature when you do this sort of thing and the results are unpredictable and could be disastrous loosing all 4 squabs in my opinion.

    My experience was I had a clutch that was unattended and I put a total of three eggs under 2 mated pairs. One pair raised the 3 squabs to adult hood and the other only raised 2.

    There is a pigeon milk that is fed to the squabs for the first 5 days roughly that kick starts their digestive system and prepares them for feeding on solid grains. There is only a small window in the adults when they produce this milk.

    If your squabs miss this window or do not get enough of this milk it is curtains for them and their only chance of survival is hand feeding by yourself (that can usually end badly even for experienced fanciers).
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    Will your other pair not care for eggs? I would suggest giving nesting material for them and trying to encourage them to incubate the newest eggs so each pair have 2 eggs each.
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    Mar 28, 2013
    I would look into hand raising just to be prepared...If one of the babies looks like its not getting enough you can always take him out from under the parents feed it a bit then stick it back under the parents when your done, that way no one gets behind.

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