My male duck died

West Bend

Jul 7, 2019
West Bend WI
I am so very sorry for your loss, for you & your female duck. It is devastating when a loved one dies, humans, doesn't matter it just hurts like hell!!! You need to remain strong, for yourself & your duck. She needs extra attention now too, & you need to be there for her, as she is there for you. They really are special to you& we would like to know more about them with maybe pictures too. Take care & sending healing prayers your way!


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Jun 21, 2020
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I’m so so so sorry for this loss. It sounds like it has really hit you hard. Take a few minutes and let yourself express the grief. I recently lost 9 of my birds, partially due to my own fault as well. The electric fence was very weak because it was solar powered and the day was to cloudy for it to charge. I could have been more careful, and locked my birds up early, but I was careless and 9 of them were taken from me, barely a few months after the loss of 2 ducks. I lost 8 chickens and 1 duck that day and it was very very hard. I cried a lot because they meant so much to me. But I stayed strong and I new I would make it through. I know you can to. This might be a new beginning for you. Perhaps this is a chance to find a new friend for your female duck. I looked at your Instagram and saw pictures of your drake with her, and I can tell you loved both as much as anyone can love a bird. I’m holding your hand and hoping I can help you make it through this loss. :hit:hugs:hugs:hugs

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