My male peacock just had two cists removed from his eyes huge

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by lem47, Dec 22, 2010.

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    I have a pitcure of the one cist next to a quarter and I think it is bigger,had one in each eye,kept him on medication,did not work,so I found a guy who had the same thing and he sent me pictures and detailes on how to remove them,I have never seen anything like it in my life,willing to share this help with anyone who my have a problem with a pea with sinus problems..,just send me a email and I will give you a picture of the cist we removed and any other info you need,,sue
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    Sorry to hear about his eyes. Can you post the pic here? I'm sure many of us would love to see and hear more about this for educational purposes. Thanks a bunch. Hope that he will be ok.
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    Photos would help,

    dont think i ever heard of such a thing [​IMG]

    did it take a long time for them to develope or did it happen in a short period of time?
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    would love to post them and the letter on how to remove them,however I dont know how,I tried,,sorry,sue
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    Are you sure they were true cysts?
    Sounds like the products of a mycoplasma infection to me, (Chronic Respiratory Disease)

    It really is a yellowy harden mucus pack that develops under the eye lids due to sinus drainage.
    Have seen it hundreds of times. Usually, you can spread open the eyelid and pop them right out, IF this is what you actually had.
    If you dont get them out, they just keep getting bigger and can eventually blind the bird. But if it is MG (CRD) the bird will now always be a carrier of it, as there is no cure for it. They usually dont die from it, but it will spread it over time to all your birds in your flock. And to anyone else's birds if you sell some .
    This is why many states are now requiring Mycoplasma testing along with the normal pullorum testing for you to be NPIP certified to ship into those states.

    Hope it was just a cyst, a pic would clarify it quickly no matter how gross looking.
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