My Male pekin sims sick


7 Years
Mar 6, 2012
I have 2 male pekins, a few nights back I saw one outside he never made it to the coop, I picked em up and I noticed he wasn't making the cuack noise even when he was trying to and seemed like weak, I gave him some water and he drank a bit.
I am keeping an eye on him and I noticed that he is like tired and moving really slow I checked him around and there is no sign of any external injury but he still not able to make any noises.


8 Years
Jul 26, 2014
Sounds like he may be ill. I would keep him someplace warm and safe and make sure he is eating. Can you tell if he is eating for you? Try giving him his favorite treats and see what he does. Once ducks show they are weak or ill, they really need help right away. A visit to the vet would be best, but until then please keep him warm and safe with lots of easy access to water and food. If he is not eating at all, he needs to go to a vet. If he does start eating for you, you can try just giving him some TLC for awhile until he gets stronger again. It's very very important for them to eat or they will get weaker and you can lose them pretty quickly.

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