My mallard hatched during the night!!


8 Years
Feb 14, 2011
He is running , peeping, knocking the other eggs, half dry half wet. When should he be taken out of the incubator, fed , given water? I dont see him anywhere near his old egg eating from it.The feed is Purina Flock Raiser -a dry feed with protein 20% can he eat it dry or should I wet it for him? I am worried the incubator is too hot for him - its fan operated and 100 degrees.
Any help would be appreciated, I guess you can tell I am new at this. I really wasnt prepared because I never thought the eggs I ordered would hatch. But now I understand why you all are so in love with your birds. I am hooked.


10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
It can take just moments for someone new to ducks to realise how wonderful they are. So glad you have had such a positive first encounter with a new duckling. It will be fine in the bator for a while- opening at the wrong time can compromise other eggs you have in there. The yolk it absorbed just prior to hatching will keep it going for a while. Because it is still wet- it will be ok in the high heat too. Being damp it needs the higher temp so it doesnt chill.

Congratulations. And hope your little one soon has some friends.

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