My Marans hatched!!!


Crazy for Cochins
10 Years
Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
Oh, I've been waiting sooooooooo long to hatch out some Marans, and it finally happened! Yay!!! First a BCM chicks hatched a full 2 days before the others. Then the others started hatching like popcorn. Of the 12 eggs I set in there, I believe 7 were BCM and 5 were Blue, with a good chance of getting Blue Coppers. My sneaky little DD slipped like 5 Bantam eggs into the bator too, so I currently have 14 chicks total, but I think only 3 are Bantams, maybe 4. There's one last one that's pipped and he's cheeping away inside his egg, but he hasn't zipped yet. It's been almost 24 hours since he pipped. I'll check his progress in the morning. Hopefully he's out! I know one BCM zipped, but then died.
But I have the cutest little fluff butts! I'll take pictures in the morning. It's late now and I'm pooped from a busy day! Yay for Marans!!!

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