My Mcmurray chicks are coming in March...and i need names!

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  1. They're coming the first week of March...i ordered 10 buff laced polish (2 male, 8 hens), 5 sultan bantams, 4 porcelain, 3 millies, and 3 belgian quail...anyone have any ideas for good chicken names? i figure i might as well get a head start since theres so many hehe.
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    Oct 31, 2007
    you asked for it
    i try to name our animals things i can stick my head out the door and haller, also names that wont make me attached to them if they are a butcher item, so here goes.
    fred, lillie, moose, bbq, fry, daisy, bark, tab, pepper, ranger, and so on.
    names like shooboo, and the like i'm sorry, but you will never hear me call them, they can stay with what ever their doing.
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    Jan 20, 2007
    We watch the new peeps for hours when they are in the brooder. It's fun to give them a name that fits their antics. Once they feather out you can tell them apart if you look closely. Being peeps and in the fluff it's a little harder especially if they are all the same breed.

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    I had a buff laced polish rooster a little over a year ago and his name was "RockStar." Even over a year later people still ask about that big haired Rockstar. Sure was one of my most popular chickens!
    Still seems like a great name for that breed. Another of the names I used for the others like him were TED NUGENT, LYNARD & SKYNARD for any hens they could likewise take female band members names
    I do have some White Creasted Black Polish Bantams Named CRANK(Roo), SPAZ, and TAZZIE(2 hens)
    They fit their names too.
    Have Fun!

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