My meat birds scatter...


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Mar 20, 2010
SO there it is... When I move my meat birds pen in the morning (8x6 tractor), they all scatter out the sides. This has become a frustrating morning routine of rounding up birds, especially because this year we have a bunch of rhode island reds along with the CX's. Rhode Islands are fast little buggers.

Does this happen to any of you seasoned veterans out there? I'm to the point where I'd almost rather put an electric poultry net around the tractor (prop up the sides on buckets) and move it once every few days


10 Years
Dec 1, 2009
How high are you lifting the thing? How big are the birds? On thing you might try is putting some old lawn mower tires on it front and back and then just push it ahead. It only needs to be an inch or so off the ground. You can then put some chicken wire along the sides to keep critters from digging under. When you move it just put the wire up on the sides. A dog snap works good to keep it up when moving (pushing forward) and then unsnap and lay it down. That way critters stay out and chickens stay in. It is also alot easier to move than draging it around and the cages don't get abused as bad from draging and pulling on them. Just my 2 cents worth.


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9 Years
Mar 17, 2010
Western Washington

Never had an escape with this tractor.

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