My meat chicken won't eat!


5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
We got her a few days ago and the owners before us fed her too much and is overweight. We started giving her electrolytes in her water and she drank it. She won't eat. We tried giving her bread, moistened bread, food, and softened food. I am worried the water with electrolytes won't keep her living longer! Please help me!

Meat chickens are designed to be overweight for the slater

They should have feed 24/7 on one side of the coop and
water on the other

Do you have a photo of the chicken

Are your intents to eat this chicken
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about your chicken. How old is the chicken? Meat birds are not meant to live long and often have heart problems and such especially if they are really heavy. You might want to try posting on the Emergencies forum about her (and pictures if you have them) and see if anyone has any suggestions

Welcome to BYC!

X2. If she is a meat bird, she is not meant to keep as a layer or a pet, but to be butchered. However if she is a standard breed bird, you should post in the emergency section here on BYC for more help. Make sure to give as many details as you can so they can help you.

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