My meat chicken won't eat!


5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
We don't know exactly how old she is but we are guessing 3 weeks. She will drink the water we feed her(with electrolytes in it) she will flap her wings. The people we got her from say that she is obese that they fed her too much. She can stand on her feet for about 15 seconds if I hold her weight up for her and then she falls. When I come back from work she is about 5 inches from where I left her. She is constitally sleeping. She can lift her head when I call her. We got 4 other meat chickens with and they would just step on her as she was eating. Please help me! They think that the sick meat chicken is younger. We also noticed she doesn't not have a crown like the other ones do. The picture I uploaded of her is how she is all day. We have to get her up to give her water but she won't drink!

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