My MEGA Homemade Incubator Build

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    Nov 4, 2015
    I have posted some comments and a few pics of my homemade incubator and have had many questions, so I thought I would start a thread will all the details as I remember them. I tried to take lots of pictures but I may have missed something. If you have any questions, please ask I will answer them if I can and if not I will try to find you an answer. We built this on the fly no plans, sorry but we used lots of stuff we just had around and was easy to get.

    Let me start by saying I had most of the parts for some time. We just had to get time to build it. We used Flexwatt as the main heat for the unit. All will be explained as I go.

    First, we found a nice stash of wood from a printing company. They had gotten an new press or something in a huge shipping crate and we took all the wood we could. Part of what we got was the bottom of the create. It was ABOUT 3 x 4 so that is the base of this incubator. With my last incubator build we used a rotisseri from a showtime chicken roaster. Ironic, huh? It worked great so that was the plan with the new bator and flexwatt that was all we had in mind when we started.

    The first thing we had to figure out was the turner. Last incubator we started with the box and added the turner. That didn't work so good. This time the plan was to build the motor and turner part first and work on the trays and stuff after. With the first egg turner we didn't know how to adjust the turner other than adding slots to the trays. This time I came up with a plan. Hubby was scratching his head trying to figure out the rise of the gears and how to make them work. He told me it was 6 inches of rise.

    This is the gear from the rotissery that is turned by the motor.

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