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  1. Lorije1

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    Mar 13, 2010
    I think Big Poppy has issues. He is my 21 week old EE roo (formerly known as "marge" - maybe that is part of the problem?). He is a great roo, very sweet. He is just now learning his way around the ladies and has to rein himself in to let them have the treats - but sometimes he forgets and beats them up and runs LOL.

    I work until 1am, so that puts me about 115 - 130 getting home. When I shut my truck door, Poppy starts crowing. And Crowing. He keeps crowing until I go out with my flashlight and do my headcount, then is quiet until morning. My parents live next door and have been sleeping with their windows open - they say the only time he wakes them up in the night is between 1-2 am.

    So is he welcoming me home? Warning everybody to hide the party debris and get teh lampshade off of the cat? Sending Mr. B's hens home so I dont' discover their rendezvous??

    Or is he mental? [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Aug 4, 2008
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    He's a watch dog! Someone is there when everyone should be asleep... so he's warning you. My roo does that sometimes too. [​IMG]
  3. Lorije1

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    Mar 13, 2010
    it's so funny to me... and I am so glad my closest neighbors are my parents!! LOL
    The really good part is when the roosters that belong to my neighbor on the other side, Mr. B, start crowing in reply, and then another one up the road somewhere chimes in. Yep.. good job Poppy. [​IMG]
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    May 12, 2009
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    you should have heard mine the other night. my son had a bachelor party and a bon fire.. those roos crowed all night long.. thank goodness the neighbors live a ways away. the fire was so bright they must have thought the sun was rising lol
  5. gryeyes

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    My roo Carl crows from inside the coop several times throughout the night. Sometimes I go out and check, never see anything. Maybe it's a passing critter - one of my cats hunting mice in the night, perhaps - or just the branches of the tree moving against the coop roof.

    I have a pair of Cayuga ducks who "patrol" the yard at night - sometimes Carl crows at them.

    If I get up in the middle of the night and turn on a light, he crows. If the dogs run outside, barking at something THEY have detected with their doggie senses, Carl crows.

    When the light on a timer in the house comes on in the morning to assist me in getting up for work, Carl crows.

    In the mornings, if I don't get outside right away after the chickens in the main coop (Carl's coop with his ladies) exit because the automatic door has opened for them, two bantam roosters crow from their separate coops to complain that I haven't let them out yet. They have a couple of ladies in their coops with them, too.

    So it's noisy here. Luckily, I like the sound of crowing.
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]

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