My MM chicks came today! w/ pics

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  1. YAY! well theres good and bad news...2 were dead in the box when i got them and then 2 more died....but they gave me an extra of each of those breeds so technically i only lost 2 that i ordered. my friend ordered with me getting ameraucanas and bantam buff brahmas, while i got some sultans, millies, porcelain, belgian quail and buff laced polish. i cant figure out what one is my free 'exotic' though...its one of the ones with the ameraucanas and they look a lot alike! maybe the one in the middle of this pic with the dark face? any ideas?



  2. lacyloo

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    May 26, 2007
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    aww so cute ,"goodluck" with them
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    You need to get some paper towels or shavings down. Newspaper is too slippery and will cause spraddle leg. Very cute!
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    Looks like newspaper that you've got on the floor. I think paper towels would work a little better. Chicks need to be able to get a grip on the floor, and newspaper is just too slick. I start out with that shelf liner that sort of works great, but is more expensive than paper towel. Paper towel works good too, though...just a suggestion.
    Oh, and your babies are beautiful, congrats....
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  5. thanks! i put paper towls down they look like they can get around a little better:)
  6. any idea what my exotic is? theres one with a dark face and another with a white face with black spots...but other then that they look like the other ameraucanas

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