My mom just killed her faverite cat and is balling and blaming herself


Henely Hatchery
10 Years
May 20, 2009
Northern Illinois
I feel so horrible and don't know what to do because my mom accidentially ran over with her truck one of the best cats and she is balling and blaming herself I keep telling her its not her fault but she won't believe so I need a couple hundred peoples help....... It started like this our dogs mallie and Lucie are big trouble makers who leave our property and go to the neighbors and we can't seem to control this. They taunt the neighbors pitbull... and phantom doesn't like this so he broke his chain. I called my mom who was 10min from home and I was trying to get the puppies in there cage called the neighbors and they came and got there ruthless pitbull when my mom pulls in. I never sucessfully got the puppies in there cage and they weere jumping on the truck and mom was yelling at them to get down I closed the gate when she screams "I HIT DAISY" she is freaking out and screaming at herself and no matter how much i tell her its not her fault and she won't believe me so please help and send out a prayer for her. Tonight is gonna be a long night
for your mom. That's really a heartbreaker, she can't help but feel guilty, but it was an accident. No one's fault, just terrible luck.
You can't do anything but let her grieve. Don't try to stop her. Put your arms around her and hug her, but don't stop the tears.

I think a lot of time a person's instincts when they see someone upset is to try and end the pain that another feels. But grief is something that you have to work out on your own. It only hurts more if you don't let it run its course.

Let her cry and hug her.

When she is calm, then reassure her that it wasn't her fault. SHe will be able to hear you then.
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Unless you keep the those dogs in check, it might happen again, to one of them, by a strangers car. Sorry for your poor kitty and poor mom.
Tell her I am sending hugs from Montana. It is so hard to lose a pet. I have accidentally hit 2 of our dogs. Now I am so paranoid I lock them in the house when I leave. I would rather clean up after them than have another accident.

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