My Mom wants me to email her what I want for Christmas, SO............

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    Apr 29, 2007
    My Mom asked me a few days ago to email a list to her for Christmas, a seemingly simple request. I have thought about it and I can only come up with this.......... I want my family back. I miss my Grandparents, Uncles , my son....... How do I email this to her????? I am sure it is my age and the fact that through FaceBook I have re-connected with long lost friends and my Favorite Aunt just had Triple ByPass Surgery and my last remaining Grandmother will be 87, is Diabetic and has Congestive Heart Failure and today is my Sister's 50th Birthday.
    I really want to be home for Chirstmas this year, but that is next to impossible since we have Horses and it is hard to find someone to feed for us on the Holidays and I can't afford a Professional Pet Sitter.
    Sorry I know I am rambling, but while talking to my sister today, the sister that I have always had a way less than perfect relationship with, she asked me to come home for Christmas, she is a Nurse and keeps an eye on my Grandmother and I think this is her way of saying that this may be my Grandma's last Christmas.

    Sorry, I know I rambled , I just really needed to get this off my chest.

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    [​IMG] Awww Karen!!!!! You poor thing! I can imagine how you must feel with them being so far away. keep looking for someone to help you out - maybe a 4H club nearby has volunteers.
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    Maybe you can ask for a professional sitter for Christmas?
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    I wish I was closer ~ I would take care of them for you. [​IMG]

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    What if you told Mom that you wanted to go home for Christmas? If she paid for the trip could you pay someone to pet sit? We have neighbors 3 miles down the road that we just trade favors with. They watch our animals while we are on vacation and we watch theirs while they are hunting. I take baked goods to thank them and she brings "treat" for my chickens. Also I let her keep any eggs that are laid while she is sitting. It works out great! Good luck sweetie. I know how important family is, I miss mine too.
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