My moms dog Sam is dying

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    May 8, 2008
    He has been going off his feed more and more lately. And just not being himself. So she took him to the vet to see what was up. He had Lyme last summer and his titer was up. So they gave her Doxy for him. But his other numbers were scewed as well. So they set up a Ultrasound. it's not good.

    He has tumors all over his liver. And due to the amount of them they are inoperable. My mom is devastated. Sam is 14. OLD for the breed. He is an AmStaff. She has had him since she adopted him at 9 months. He had been in the shelter for three months prior to her meeting him at a Adopt a Dog day at a local PetSmart.

    He has been the BEST dog we have ever had. And seriously is one of the best dogs I have ever met. And I am not a dog person.
    I honestly do not know what she is going to do when it is time. And we dont know when that will be. But it looks like this will be his last Christmas opening up presents with us. Yes, he opens presents. From the wrapping paper to ripping open the box!
    The vet and the vet assistants have all told her that when the time comes they will help her get him to the office. Either way.. if he dies at home or needs to be put down. The vet gave her her home and personal cell number. Same as the assistant. Everyone LOVES this dog.
    He has been an ambassador for the breed. People would come up and pat him and then ask what breed he was. And be shocked when my little ole mom told them. [​IMG]
    She has done daycare for other dogs in her house for years. And every dog was greeted by Sam the same way. "Welcome! Here are the toys! Here where the water and food is!" From the little boxer puppy to our totally obnoxious Border Collie. Sam met them all with a welcome sniff and no growl or bark. He is truly one of a kind. I have been dreading this type of news for over a year now. He has been such a saving grace for my mom through everything. Job loss. Her dh's stroke and recovery. He was even in their wedding. It just is not going to be the same without him there.
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    im sorry [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    They hold such a dear place in our hearts, and as much as it hurts to lose them, the thought of never having known or loved them at all is much worse... I've had many fur kids and feather kids come and go, and each one breaks my heart when they go, but invariably the ones remaining still remind me that they deserve to be loved too, and that there will always be some that never get the chance to be loved. Be thankful for the time you've had, and when enough healing has come that the time is right, in honor of the one who has gone on, save another life by giving a home (and yes, a piece of your heart -- AGAIN!) to a shelter animal.
  4. Big HUGs to you, your mom and Sam, at least gentle long hugs for Sam...

    I've got a 12 y/o Golden/Collie, his hind legs don't want to work and a 14 y/o Golden who has had strokes in the past but she is going strong so far and her teeth were so rotten when she came to live w/me 2 years ago I had to have 3 pulled- her mouth stinks so much as she is sweet;)

    I know these two will be joining Sam over the Rainbow bridge and they will once again be forever young...
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    Awww hugs ! [​IMG]

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