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    It's been hot here in South Florida, 90 -95 outside. Yesterday, I went to see the birds and found my mom's top rooster, 'Pretty Boy" Red, laying in the shade with her cat, Little Girl. She is the only animal other then chickens that can go into the chicken yard without be assaulted by the attack chickens. This is the second tome I have seen her laying with a chicken. The other time, she was laying back to back with one of her young roosters(13weeks old) last week. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera. Enjoy.


  2. You have an easygoing cat! I'm afraid my little monsters would grab any part of the chicken they could get ahold of, and all pull in different directions. So the cats stay inside, and the chickens stay outside.

    Terrific pic, and beautiful roo. [​IMG]
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    that's lovely to see
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    My cats wander through the run quite casually, when the gate is open for everyone to free range. One day I found Smudge, my Himalayan, curled up asleep in a nest box in a coop while the girls were out dust bathing.

    Patch kept demanding to go INTO the run at dusk when I was shutting it. Finally, I saw why: a FAT little brown mouse standing up by the feed bucket. Patch almost got it but even as fat as it was, that mouse was able to get through the run fence ahead of Patch's paws.
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    It's a good thing your cat can get in there and not try to kill your chickens! If my cat got into the chicken pen, there would be only one animal left alive. She tries to attack my dogs! [​IMG]
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    I am a stray keeper. The chickens and cats all live together. We had one cat deliver kittens in the coop. They eat together, sleep together, raise babies together. They are all good friends. It isn't uncommon to see a cat in the field with the chickens. I think the cats know the chickens would kick their butt. The cats bring home snakes, mice, moles, birds but never bother the chickens.

    Here they are sharing a pan of corn bread

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    I love to catch Pudster laying with his chickens. Thanks for sharing your pic!

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    ive taught my dog that chickens are friends to him, and he leaves them along, unless he is chewing on a bone or sometihng and the chickens get to close to inspect. then he barks and everybody scatters lol

    I have a silent agreement with my cat that if she leaves my chickens alone, she gets to LIVE in my house lol
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    I don't know for sure, but it kinda reminds me of the saying, "yep you know it's a hot day when the dog is chasing the cat and they are both walking!
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    HI--COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME THE EXACT BREED OF THAT BEARDED ROOSTER? We have 2 like that in the bush outside our bedroom window. They just showed up in our residential neighborhood and called it home. We love them and call them the Smith Bros. but they crow all hours of the night. Another group, RI Reds, I think, suggested getting them a girlfriend so they would shut up. We would like to keep the breed pure. I think I will get a plastic 55 gal drum and elevate it on stilts under the bush for Winter shelter and put a covered light in it for warmth. They said the combs tend to frostbite. FWIW the group suggested sunflower seeds to gloss the feathers.
    Keith Williams [email protected]

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