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My Mom's Surgery Is Tomorrow Prayers Needed*BAD UPDATE*

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by tonini3059, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. tonini3059

    tonini3059 [IMG]emojione/assets/png/2665.png?v=2.2.7[/IMG]Luv

    Nov 6, 2008
    Southwestern PA
    Keeping my fingers crossed! [​IMG] It is a very risky procedure and we can use all the help we can get that she will pull through and not have complications. She has bile duct/ liver cancer and this is her only shot as long as when the open her up they find that it did not spread anywhere else. She has to be at the hospital at nine and surgery is supposed to be at noon!
    I'm so nervous I feel like I am going to be sick. [​IMG]
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  2. GaNewChick

    GaNewChick Songster

    Mar 12, 2009
    McDonough, Ga.
    [​IMG]: Wishing her a successful surgery!
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  3. chixie

    chixie Songster

    Apr 6, 2009
    kountze texas
    I am praying for your mom and a successful surgery...
  4. redhen

    redhen Kiss My Grits... Premium Member

    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    [​IMG] Your mom is in my thoughts.. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Capone

    Capone Songster

    Jul 27, 2009
    Rhode Island
    where thinking of her
  6. miss_jayne

    miss_jayne Lady_Jayne

    Jun 26, 2008
    Columbiaville, MI
    Jehovah, blow over a sweet breeze right now and be an ever present peace to Tonini. Thank You that You are the Great Physician! Wrap Your pinions around her mother and guide the doctors in every way. I ask that you take care of EVERY aspect of this surgery and every person that has ANYTHING to do with it from paper work to the actual surgery itself, Father God.

    Holy Spirit, fill Tonini with the peace that passes all understanding. spirit of uneasiness, you have NO place in her and by the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Christ i command that you leave her right now. now! fill her with fire! move over her whole family and sweep through the hospital because of her.

    Jesus, i thank You because You already paid for these issues! by Your Stripes WE ARE HEALED! i claim that for this surgery on Tonini's mom. i ask forgiveness for anything that need be. i ask for this family to be covered and kept under the blood. keep them safe and in Your hand. You said that the prayers of a righteous man avail much and i am asking right now for my prayers to avail much and i am believing like David in the desert that You are already doing something!

    i speak blessing over this family, Father God! prosperity of mind, body and spirit! i speak blessing for peace Abba Father! a hedge of thorns about them, a wall of protection! and when walls of the enemy raised up about them, throw them over it!

    i ask all this in Jesus' name, amen!

    Tonini, you are special and loved so much. God bless you and your family. i will be praying here for your mom and i am sure others will be also.

    For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matt. 18:20
  7. tonini3059

    tonini3059 [IMG]emojione/assets/png/2665.png?v=2.2.7[/IMG]Luv

    Nov 6, 2008
    Southwestern PA
    Thanks so much everyone I truly appreciate it, I love my mom more than anyone, (the hubby gets jealous)

  8. chickon baby

    chickon baby Songster

    Mar 26, 2009
    st charles
    I couldnt have said it better than Miss Jane and I stand in agreement with Miss Jane.Amen..You are in our prayers.
  9. Luvin Life

    Luvin Life Songster

    Apr 21, 2009
    Brownsburg, Indiana
    Prayers being sent your way. That was a beautiful prayer. My the lord watch over you and your family. God Bless [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. miss_jayne

    miss_jayne Lady_Jayne

    Jun 26, 2008
    Columbiaville, MI
    chickon baby and Luvin Life the three of us in agreement are the three in Matt 18:20. so here He is with us. all because of chickens. funny.

    Brandy, we're still praying and look at all these folks lifting your mom up and covering her with prayer. God's will be done! Glory to His name no matter what the circumstance may be.

    my favorite passage when i am really suffering is Psalm 91. when i was having seizures for 9 months straight, my kids would grab anointing oil and read this passage over me and pray. notice it speaks of a fowler and of wings and feathers. that deadly pestilence is disease. we come against that right now for your mom!!!!! His word is true yesterday, today and tomorrow. it doesn't change. our 'tent' may change. it might be a high rise apartment now. a horse might be a car. but His promises stand true. and i will be praying these verses for her and your family. if others want to claim them as well, then that will be amazing. but i will stand on them with God as they are a promise for you today.

    Psalm 91

    1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. [a]

    2 I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust."

    3 Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare
    and from the deadly pestilence.

    4 He will cover you with his feathers,
    and under his wings you will find refuge;
    his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

    5 You will not fear the terror of night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day,

    6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
    nor the plague that destroys at midday.

    7 A thousand may fall at your side,
    ten thousand at your right hand,
    but it will not come near you.

    8 You will only observe with your eyes
    and see the punishment of the wicked.

    9 If you make the Most High your dwelling—
    even the LORD, who is my refuge-

    10 then no harm will befall you,
    no disaster will come near your tent.

    11 For he will command his angels concerning you
    to guard you in all your ways;

    12 they will lift you up in their hands,
    so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

    13 You will tread upon the lion and the cobra;
    you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

    14 "Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him;
    I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

    15 He will call upon me, and I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble,
    I will deliver him and honor him.

    16 With long life will I satisfy him
    and show him my salvation."

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