My mothers day gift!!

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    Mothers Day morning started out like any morning. Kids screaming for breakfast, coffee taking to long to brew and cleaning up the ducklings, letting out dogs (you know the routine!) Then my poor DH had a service call to run, he's an electrician, of all days [​IMG] I just hoped it wouldn't be a long one, so off he went on his call. I just kept going about my morning, oh and both kids now have colds so also dealing with that too. Then at about lunch time I get a call from my DH, he is done with his service call but had to stop by the store to pick up my mothers day gift. Well knowing my DH it wouldn't be flowers, chocolates, or a card. I kept thinking what movie or cd that I didn't have yet. Well when he got home he had fencing in the back of his work truck! I got a duck run built for my ducklings for Mothers Day [​IMG] [​IMG] We got the whole run finished that afternoon and he even got them a little kiddie pool! I put the two older ducklings out in thier new run and they had a blast!
    [​IMG] (Daisy in pool, Donald was a little nervous about going in [​IMG] silly ducks)
    We even made steps to go into the pool, but they insisted on jumping over the side [​IMG]

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    May 22, 2009
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    I love presents like that! we all did yard work, got all of the gardens weeded and mulched, and even got the neighbor ladie's yard mowed. I enjoy it when we all pitch in and burn it all out. But I am extremely tired this morning, and may need to take the day off... but my patio looks fabulous! [​IMG]
    I hope you enjoy the day watching the dd ducks play and enjoy themselves!
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    What a great gift! My dh bought me a dozen eggs jersey giant eggs I had mentioned seeing on craigslist a couple of weeks ago. I never thought her would do it, but he surprised me.
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    Aug 15, 2009
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    Dec 11, 2010
    How awesome. I love those gifts. My DH took me shopping at TS. That is what I wanted and got. Everyone thought I was crazy for that. But I don't need anything for me so why not. Then my family and I finished the new chicken coop and made it safer for the babies. It was a wonderful day.
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    He said it was funny looking around Lowes at all the guys buying flowers and having thier wives pick out flats of flowers and garden stuff, while he had a cart full of fencing and supplies for me. But he knows me too well. I think my family knows me too well too, my dad almost came home with baby geese for me for mothers day! Luckily they were already sold, I don't know where I would of put geese!
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    Feb 3, 2009
    [​IMG] I received three Pomeranian goslings for mothers day! And a night out with the kids and DH to see a movie. Guess which part I liked best [​IMG] What? the movie of course...[​IMG]


  8. My chicken gave my mom a Mom's Day present, she layed an egg for her. But, that was her last egg...she died the day after.
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    What a sweetheart of a husband you have! And your ducklings are cute!

    My husband bought me a truckload of compost, and we don't have alot of money, but I had asked him to pick up the compost, which he did, and spead it over the garden all by himself, which was alot of work. Our garden is full of clay and rocks.....

    So I was thankful to get a load of sh%* for Mother's Day! [​IMG]
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    Apr 6, 2011
    And I thought I was weird for asking for a goat pen for my birthday and help in the garden for mother's day. [​IMG] Looks like I fit in nicely. Your ducklings are lovely! It's so nice to have a well built pen to keep everyone safe.

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