my mothers partner is in the hospital..*In Surgery as we speak 9/7*

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    apparently he fell at work about four months ago and has been secretly seeing doctors since then.

    noone had xrayed his head i guess and my mom took him to the ER last night because he got dizzy and had numbness in his feet at dinner... they found a 1 inch mass in his skull on the xrays. He'll have an MRI tomorrow and a biopsy wedensday.

    both my parents have partners... they have been divorced for 15 years. my dad is going on 18 years with his partner ( [​IMG] ) and my mom has been with hers for about 7 now.. so for all intents and purposes he is my stepfather .

    basically everyones in shock. my mom is very damaged from the divorce and he is all she has beyond me ( and im 1500 miles away) . without him shes very scared and timid about things...he has 2 daughters and a young grandaughter. he lost his first wife 10 years ago to breast cancer so im sure they are terrified.


    anyway- I dont know what I wanted in writing this . I'm lapsed catholic but I'm praying on this one.
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    Im So Sorry i hope he gets better [​IMG]

  3. God doesn't care if you are a lasped anything. He knows your heart, loves you and just wants to hear from you. Don't be timid about talking with Him about your concerns. He said, "Cast all your cares on me because I care for you".

    Father I lift up this gentleman to you for your healing touch on his life. You are the great Healer and we ask a special blessing on him and his loved ones. In Jesus name....Amen...and Amen..

    Keep us posted....

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    [​IMG] and Prayers!
  5. I'm so sorry! What state is she in? If she's anywhere near Vt, I'd be happy to help if I could. Hope it all turns out to be benign.
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    Quote:When God looks at you He sees His child, not a lapsed catholic.

    “When I said, "My foot is slipping," your love, O LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.”- Psalm 94:18-19
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    Shes in CT... the family is in NY ... I think its just a waiting game now... we really wont know anything till the biopsy results come in. Part of me wonders if he knew and hid it and then got sick infront of someone... It seems very sudden.
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    Quote:If he's been secretly going to doctor appts, it's certainly a possibility that he knew or at least suspected and kept it hidden. Lots of people live in denial rather than face things head on, it's just how they cope. I hope that he realizes now that whatever it is (and whatever he was being treated for before), he'll have her and the family's full support and help.
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    [​IMG] and [​IMG]
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    well my mom said he's been to both PA and NY hospitals and talked to two specialists in the last week. This upcoming week he will be having surgery to remove or examine the tumor. My mom is not forthcoming with info and I can't get a hold of him personally to find out. I'm going to point blank ask her tomorrow because I think she thinks shes protecting me from the truth and its driving me nuts. She did say today that based on the color of the tumor on the scan the choices are bad or worse, it is almost certainly cancer, the big question is what kind and how bad.

    I told her to just cancel her trip ( with him) down here in October, he wont be able to go and she should stay with him.

    It REALLY freaks me out that it seems alot of the brain tumors have a 3-12 month survival rate even with aggressive treatment.

    Anyway thats All I know. Between him and my father in law telling my fiance that he wants to finish up the truck asap we're not having a good medical vibe around here. FIL is sick as well and refuses treatment anymore. what he has is not curable but he's able to maintain but DF thinks that he is getting sicker. He SHOULD have 10 good years left but he doesn't follow his medical protocol so it will be shorter.

    That is all that we know. Just really sad and I'm scared for my mom. All she has is me and him. She has a sister 2000 miles away in florida and my cousin in PA. I'd assume if he gets sick we'll have to consider moving closer to her so shes not all alone.

    Please keep us in your thoughts.
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