My mum inherited a canary need care advice


May 7, 2015
Hi there,
My Mum has had this canary for years. He was my Grandmother's.
I think he is male(based on his singing ?) and he must be getting older.
Basically I'm worried that hes lonely also I want to do the best for him we need advice.
I find it quite strange to see a bird in a cage and further more to see him alone.
The cage is 40x30x30cm high (15.74x11.81x11.81 inches high).
He has two perches in the middle and one up the top. He has a mirror which he often sits next to or talks to.
As the sun goes down he rubs his beak on the side of the mirror and makes chattering noises.
It has seemed to me that he looks lonely.
After reading a few website there seems to be conflicting info.
Some people say they are fine on their own and are antisocial birds but why is he always at the mirror ?
other people say to put them with other birds.

I don't want to buy another bird as he probably hasn't many years left and we would end up with another lone bird.
I have considered finding someone who would take him who has other birds but I'm not sure if that best for him or even if someone would take an old bird.

Aside from that I would like to know if the cage is the best.
Also every time I get too close to his cage or open the door he gets quite nervous and makes this hi pitched warning like sound.
I tried to take him out of the cage one time so he could try and fly but he ended up panicking and ran into windows then just sat on the carpet for a long time looking lost and confused.

What should I do ?

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