My mystery birds...


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
Tuscaloosa, AL
I have a batch of birds I got in Feb that were supposed to be Ideal 236 layer crosses, but one roo grew up strange...he's white like the rest, but he's banty size, with an upright stance, cheek tufts, and a pea comb. Also, his call is missing a syllable! He stands outside my window each morning and yells "Cock-a....doooo"
The other rooster always responds with a proper crow!
So possibly he's some kind of lucky mix of every strange recessive gene that was lurking in their lines? Thoughts?

I also have a batch of ~5 week old chicks with one very strange member. I bought 5 Ameraucanas and 2 BO's, and the feed store threw in a grab bag of 5 mystery chicks. One of them, a little gray girl, is not feathering out in a normal way. Her fuzz is just getting longer and longer! Anyone have pics of their frizzles or silkies at a young age?

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